Submit to History in the Making Vol. 3, No. 1

Call for Papers

Did you write a great essay and would you like to see it published in a journal?  

Do you want to gain experience of the peer review process?

We are currently inviting all students to submit articles for publication – you can submit at any time, but if you submit by 10 October 2013 you will be considered for the next issue, which will be published in March 2014. Find out more about the submission process by clicking here.

If you are an honours or postgraduate student, you can apply to become a reviewer.

Write for our Blog

We are inviting any history student to submit entries to our new blog. Blog posts must be between 200 and 500 words longs and deal with any aspect of history or historical research. Ideas include: book reviews, conference summaries, research tips, stories from the archives or historical anecdotes that you came across in your reading. To make a submission or find out more email:


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