A teacher’s archive of confiscated toys


This week the Vault (Slate’s history blog) has published amazing photographs of a London teacher and artist Guy Tarrant’s archive of confiscated toys taken from London schoolchildren in 150 different schools, over thirty years. Tarrant organised the toys into eight cabinents (modern curiosity cabinets?) currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Bored Panda blog reported that “the Artist called his project “Resistant Materials” to emphasize the resistance and opposition between rebellious youth and the strict academic environment they find themselves in”.

Many of the toys will be familiar to Australian Gen Yers and Millenials; the gameboy, pog slammers, a troll doll say something about the globalisation of play in the 1980s and 1990s. The gendered nature of toys is also explicit in Tarrent’s collection.

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