Volume One Number One


Benjamin Jordan Brooks, ‘Presidential Rhetoric and the Cold War Redefinition of American Exceptionalism.’

Aden Knaap, ‘A Particularly Complicated Kind of Imperialism: The Imperialism of 19th Century Russia.’

James P Lesh, ‘The Nazis’ Voiceless Victims: A Case for Cultural Genocide.’

Sabina Peck, ‘The Only Position for Women in SNCC is Prone: Stokely Carmichael and the Perceived Patriarchy of Civil Rights Organisations in America.’

Julia Bourke, ‘Hunting the Comic Witch: Humorous Representations of the Witch Figure in England, 1580-1620.’

Elaine Lay, ‘A Historical Debate about the Shift Towards Conservatism: American Politics and Society in the 1970s and 1980s.’

Timothy Martin Blum, ‘Brand’s City: Dutch Space and Identity in Cape Town, 1830-1850.’

Chi Chi Huang, ‘Deconstructing the Great Wall of China: The Jesuits’ and British Encounters.’

Peter Harney, ‘Remembering and Forgetting James Sullivan.’

Julia Elizabeth Miller, ‘Remembering Rain, Deciphering Drought: Climate and the Role of Perception in Land Management.

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