Volume Five Number One

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Spring-Summer 2017

This issue of History in the Making exemplifies the fascinating and varied work of Australia’s student historians. This issue focusses on twentieth century European history, with insights from Swatilekha Ahmed, Rebecca Cordony and Joanna Molloy. We also emphasise the role of women in history, most prominently in Michelle Staff’s talented examination of women’s biography.

As always, a dedicated and tireless team of editors and reviewers made this issue possible. In particular, our submission editors Phil Andrews, Emily Gallagher, Rebecca Lush, Elizabeth Miller and Elizabeth Smith have all generously contributed their time and expertise.

Finally, the journal committee has also seen changes. Caitlin Harvey and Cameron McPhedran have joined the team, and bring new energy and experience to the project at a time of generational change.


Swatilekha Ahmed, The Politics of Aesthetics: Italian Futurism as a Political Movement, 1909-1923

Rebecca Cordony, German Women during the Third Reich: The Evolution of the Image of the Female Perpetrator

Joanna Molloy, How does the film “Dresden – The Inferno” reconstruct life in Dresden and represent the trauma suffered by victims of the 1945 Dresden bombing?

Michelle Staff, ‘Herstory’ and Biography: Recovering the forgotten woman’s voice